Raising the Bar in Clinical Trials Monitoring

In Raising the bar in Clinical Trials Monitoring version 1.0 we read contributions from some of Australia’s most effective Monitors.

Each updated Raising the bar version to showcase Monitors recommended by Sites and company Directors, as being highly impactful in their role.

As an industry, with an accelerated pipeline of product development and the need to resource this research and development there is a demand to consider the way we operate.

Yes, there are guidelines, laws, regulations, policies and procedures to be bound by; however, there is also a challenge in our industry to vastly improve on how we have always operated.

There is a tried-and-tested process, with often varied rates of e-Clinical engagement, and altered approaches to Monitoring, particularly since early 2020.

Found within are insights and thoughts of Monitors who have a proven track record in their positions, who are valued by their respective companies; and are respected by the team members they work most closely with, the Site staff.

The desire of these contributions is to provide some perspective to new Monitors starting out in our industry, and to provide some inspiration to those who have been in the trenches for many years.

Our initial group of Monitors were asked to provide some insights into the following types of topics:

  • what they believe helps them to be an effective Monitor
  • some practical processes they follow to assist them in achieving more, in less time
  • how they are working effectively with Site staff and colleagues
  • some tools that they use to make light-work of their outputs
  • advice given them by an early mentor that helped them to be an effective Monitor
  • advice they could offer a new Monitor

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